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Pepsi Fragrans 330ml

We now have the refreshing Pepsi beverage available on our website!
Introducing Pepsi Osmanthus Fragrance, a carbonated drink with a cola flavor and an intense, aromatic, slightly "woody" scent that will stimulate your senses. This refreshing Pepsi drink is perfect for hot summer weather and will be a hit at any party. It tastes best when chilled with ice cubes and a slice of lime added.

Osmanthus is a plant that primarily grows in Southeast Asia. Its flowers are incredibly fragrant, and the plant is used as a spice. These unique plants inspired the creation of the aroma in Pepsi Osmanthus Fragrance, the Chinese Pepsi with a "woody" scent.
Pepsi beverages are a cult favorite known worldwide, first produced in 1965. Loved by almost everyone, thanks to its sweet and mysterious recipe. One of its unique variations is Pepsi Osmanthus Fragrance, which will delight your taste buds. Try it and see for yourself!

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