Canned Kimchi WANG

Kimchi - the main dish of Korean cuisine. Kimchi adds spiciness and pungency to the dish. Fried kimchi is widely used in Korean cuisine recipes for preparing meat, fish, side dishes, vegetables, and even salads. Kimchi can make a dish "hot" and unique. It contains beneficial microelements and nutrients. Delicious kimchi, prepared from select Napa cabbage using the original recipe, is available for order.

WANG kimchi is quite different from what can be bought in Ukrainian supermarkets and markets, where a completely different-tasting and quality dish is sold. The traditional recipe for this appetizer is not particularly complicated, but finding the necessary ingredients for the dressing is already a challenge. The original kimchi includes red ground Kochukaru pepper and fish sauce, mostly anchovy-based. All this needs to be mixed in the right proportions and then fried in oil.

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