Bamboo shoots ROYAL ORIENT

Bamboo shoots are used in the preparation of various dishes. The simplest way to incorporate them is by adding them to soups.

Benefits of bamboo shoots in dishes:
  • Low-calorie food containing 2.6g of protein, 5.2g of carbohydrates, and minimal fat content per 100g.
  • Rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, E, PP, macro and micronutrients, essential amino acids, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Regular consumption improves cardiovascular and nervous system function, muscle and bone health, and normalizes gastrointestinal function.
However, pregnant women should avoid eating bamboo shoots due to the risk of uterine contractions. Additionally, this product is not recommended for children under three years of age.

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