Century eggs

Preserved Duck Egg
Preserved Duck Eggs, also known as century eggs, imperial eggs, or thousand-year eggs, are an intriguing Chinese preserved delicacy. This unique product is made by preserving duck eggs in a special mixture of clay, ash, salt, unslaked lime, and rice husks. The process takes several months, during which the eggs undergo changes in appearance and taste.
Century eggs have a distinctive amber-colored egg white, while the yolk takes on a dark green color and a dense texture. The egg white turns dark brown, almost black, with a gelatinous consistency and a salty taste. They also have a pronounced pungent aroma that makes them truly unique.

Century eggs are widely used in Chinese cuisine as an ingredient in salads and complex dishes. Their unique flavor and texture add a special charm to the dishes. If you're looking for a new culinary experience and want to try something unusual, including preserved duck eggs in your delicacies-to-try list is worth considering.
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