Marinated Pink Ginger (150 gr)

Marinated Pink Ginger
Ginger root is a well-known and highly beneficial spice. Ginger is used raw, dried, and marinated. It serves as an addition to salads, vegetable or meat dishes. And, of course, ginger is always served with sushi. Here, it plays the role of coffee beans in a perfume shop, helping to distinguish the flavors of different types of sushi when there are several varieties on the plate. It is a traditional ingredient in Japanese and Asian cuisine, adding both spiciness and sweetness to dishes simultaneously.

Once you catch the aroma of ginger, you will fall in love with it forever. Ginger is an indispensable complement to fish or meat dishes, sushi, and rolls. It also enhances the flavor of salads, noodles, and soups. Additionally, it refreshes the taste receptors: try having it between dishes, as they do in Japan, and you will experience the fullness of their flavors. Marinated ginger, rich in vitamins and essential amino acids, is very beneficial for the body.

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