Marinated Pink Ginger (1500 gr)

Marinated pink ginger is one of the main ingredients used in sushi. The spicy taste and aroma of ginger complement the unique flavor of sushi and rolls, while also softening the strong taste and smell of fish. This exquisite spice is prepared from the youngest ginger roots, which are tender in texture and flavor. The pink color of the marinated ginger not only adds beauty to sushi but also serves as an excellent addition to tempura, vegetable dishes, and salads.

Pink marinated ginger is used in Japanese cuisine, particularly in dishes like sushi and rolls made with fresh, raw fish, and seafood.

Ginger helps enhance the taste of fish and gives a distinct aroma to the dish. It also acts as a natural barrier against microbes. Raw fish and seafood may contain harmful bacteria and microorganisms, but ginger purifies and protects the body from their penetration. Thanks to its natural protective properties, ginger is used in marinating meat and fish and is included in quick-cook dishes.

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