Salty Eggplants

Hiep Long Salty Eggplants are a popular Asian dish made from fresh eggplants, salt, and other ingredients. This type of eggplant undergoes a salting process to enhance their shelf life and create a unique flavor.

Hiep Long Salty Eggplants have a distinctive aroma and salty taste, which adds a special flavor accent to dishes. They can be enjoyed as a standalone dish or used as an ingredient in various culinary recipes such as salads, preserves, and soups.
Savoring the crispy pieces of tangy-sweet salty eggplants, enriched with garlic and galangal flavor, is delightful, especially on hot summer days.

Salty eggplants stimulate digestion, complement the microorganisms in the digestive system, and are rich in dietary fiber.

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