Marinated Young Green Peppercorns

Traditional Chinese cuisine with marinated young green peppercorns.
It is well known that one of the most interesting and flavorful additions in traditional Chinese cuisine is marinated young green peppercorns. This unique and exotic product not only adds complexity to dishes but also a wonderful spectrum of colors. Thanks to its distinctive taste and aroma, marinated young green peppercorns can be used as a standalone dish or provide an original charm to Eastern culinary masterpieces.

These special peppercorns are obtained from the green fruits of the pepper vine and are characterized by their unique flavor and delicate aroma. The green color of the peppercorns is achieved through vacuum drying, which preserves all their natural characteristics.

As an exclusive seasoning, marinated young green peppercorns perfectly complement seafood and fish dishes. Their taste and aromatic qualities surpass ordinary black pepper, which is so commonly found on kitchen tables in many households.

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