White pickled ginger (1500 gr)

Features of white pickled ginger:
Ginger is an essential component of traditional sushi presentation, serving a dual purpose: masking any raw fish odors present in sushi restaurants and cleansing the taste receptors in the mouth between different types of sushi. Additionally, pickled ginger is used as an additional ingredient in dishes with rice, noodles, and seafood, adding an extra dimension to the flavors.

Cleansing the taste receptors in the oral cavity between various types of sushi, rolls, and sashimi.

The presence of a large amount of essential microelements, essential oils, amino acids, and vitamins of groups A, B, and C in ginger root undoubtedly makes it highly beneficial.
In Japanese cuisine, many dishes include raw seafood. The surprises hidden in such fish are numerous. Pickled ginger acts as a kind of protection for the body. It prevents harmful bacteria from "running rampant" and neutralizes them. That's why ginger is consumed in large quantities by all lovers of authentic Eastern cuisine. And this list of ginger's "good deeds" is not exhaustive.

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