Instant seafood noodles

Instant seafood noodles Hezhong 105g.

Instant seafood noodles from the Hezhong brand are a classic dish loved by Korean youth and busy office workers. The rich aroma and the ability to quickly satisfy your hunger are the main advantages of this product, as all you need to get a delicious, satisfying meal is a little water and a few minutes.

This product is not spicy, so it highlights the taste of fresh seafood in this noodle portion. This noodle dish is a quick meal prepared from fresh ingredients. It can be ready in just 3-4 minutes. You can enjoy these noodles on their own or with any other favorite dish. They are perfect for quick meals on the go, after school, during travels, camping, or between meetings. Hezhong instant seafood noodles are convenient, tasty, and filling with an excellent flavor.

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