Instant rice noodles Mi Goreng

Instant rice noodles Mi Goreng MI GORENG Flavour Jumbo Pack MAMA 80 g

Mama is a Thai brand of instant noodles that comes in various flavors. Instant noodles are consumed daily, especially in Asian countries, and are highly popular for their fantastic taste and quick, simple preparation. Mama's Instant Mi Goreng (Fried Noodles) offers the delicious taste of Mi Goreng.

Mi Goreng is an Indonesian fried noodle dish with soy sauce, vegetables, and shrimp or meat. These noodles carry the aroma of shrimp, small bits of dried vegetables, and have a spicy flavor. Simply pour hot water over the Mi Goreng noodles, add the spice mix, and in 3-4 minutes, savor the delightful taste of the soup. Additionally, you can mix the noodles after garnishing with sautéed shrimp. The Jumbo Pack is recommended for two people or for those with a hearty appetite.

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