Instant noodles - Bulgogi Ramen

Instant noodles - Bulgogi Ramen SamYang 80 g

Authentic and flavorful Samyang ramen with the taste of the famous Korean dish Bulgogi is a quick and tasty way to experience real Korean cuisine without leaving home.
For those who prefer their ramen not too spicy, there's the new Bulgogi Ramen from Samyang. It's fried noodles seasoned with the Bulgogi flavor. The seasoning tastes somewhat like barbecue: spicy, slightly sweet, and with a hint of saltiness.
It's a great option for those who find it challenging to eat spicy food - the new Bulgogi Ramen from Samyang. These fried noodles are seasoned with spices and have a meaty aroma as well. You can even try adding duck meat to this ramen for an explosion of flavors and aroma.

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