Quick-Cooking Tteokbokki Ramen

Quick-Cooking Tteokbokki Ramen Topokki Ramen SamYang 80 г

Samyang Ramen with Tteokbokki Flavor" is your favorite Samyang ramen with an updated noodle base, featuring the stunning taste of the famous Korean street food Tteokbokki - a rice cake dish with the delicious aroma of Gochujang red pepper paste. This 80-gram ramen pack is smaller than the usual Samyang packaging but is packed with the tasty Korean flavors you love and enjoy.

Tteokbokki is a spicy and sweet Korean street food typically made with rice cakes, soup broth, and Gochujang (Korean chili paste)! Samyang transforms it into a noodle dish with a broth that carries the familiar spicy taste of Tteokbokki. If you can't handle the fiery heat of Tteokbokki but still want a bit of warmth, this is definitely worth trying!

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