Instant ramen noodles with classic beef flavor

Instant ramen noodles with classic beef flavor in a cup - Samyang Original Since 1963 Big Bowl Cup SAMYANG 65 g.

Samyang Original Ramen Since 1963 Big Bowl is here to tantalize your taste buds! This hearty bowl of goodness combines flavor and convenience. Each package contains two servings, making it perfect for sharing with someone special or for a quick snack.
This ramen is seasoned to the perfect level of spiciness - (3rd level)! This means you'll get just the right amount of heat in every bite. Plus, it's certified Halal and HACCP compliant, so it's safe to eat.
Don't worry that this ramen will be too monotonous - Samyang has highlighted all the flavor accents! With layers of spicy umami flavor combined with incredible depth and complexity, this ramen will conquer your taste buds and take them to flavor heaven!
Experience true perfection one spoonful at a time with the big bowl of Samyang The Original Ramen Since 1963. Try it today and find out what everyone is talking about - grab your package now to savor the delight of delicious ramen!

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