nstant spicy chicken-flavored ramen (cup)

Instant spicy chicken-flavored ramen in a cup - Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Big Bowl CUP SAMYANG 105g.

Samyang's chicken-flavored ramen: Instant ramen is pre-cooked and dried noodles with aromatic powder and/or herb oil. The spice mix is provided in a separate package. Samyang's instant ramen has a thicker and firmer texture compared to regular instant noodles.

The sauce is dark red, almost burgundy in color, thick, and sticky. It carries the aroma of chicken and spices, including chili pepper, soybean oil, onions, garlic, black pepper, paprika, curry, and more.

Spicy chicken-flavored ramen from the Samyang brand is an excellent Korean product for lovers of unusual, spicy, and hearty Asian cuisine. It helps stave off hunger, provides energy for work, sports, and hobbies, and keeps your spirits high.

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