Instant noodles with Kimchi

Instant noodles with Kimchi - Kimchi Ramen SamYang 80 g

Ramen noodles never cease to delight us with their variety of flavors and, as always, remain the most popular dish in Asian countries. People of all ages love ramen for its accessibility, extraordinary taste, and quick preparation. However, there are also various ways and recipes for preparing ramen, with everyone choosing and creating their unique flavors! This time, we want to introduce you to and warm you up with Samyang's ramen with a kimchi flavor. Give it a try and discover if this taste is the same, beloved, and unique?

But what is kimchi, you might ask?
Kimchi is a Korean dish consisting of spicy fermented vegetables, primarily Napa cabbage.

Kimchi ramen is one of the favorite dishes of Korean cuisine enthusiasts and is considered the number one must-try. The spicy fermented kimchi, seasoned with various aromatic spices and seasonings, pairs perfectly with the hearty ramen noodles. Thanks to the red pepper, the ramen not only becomes "fiery" but also much more flavorful! As for the package contents, inside, you'll find square-shaped crispy noodles and a packet of seasonings.

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