Ramen quick-cooking with classic beef

Ramen quick-cooking with classic beefSamyang ramen since 1963 SAMYANG 120 г

Are you ready to try the original and iconic Samyang ramen? Since 1963, Samyang has been serving delicious South Korean ramen from generation to generation. And now, we offer it to you! Our original Samyang ramen is a cult classic, packed with flavor and satisfaction. With a spice level of 3, it's just the right amount of heat to make your taste buds dance. Plus, it's certified Halal and HACCP compliant, so you can be sure that our ramen is prepared to the highest quality standards.
The original Samyang ramen starts with a tasty base of wheat flour and tapioca starch. This combination creates a delightful al dente texture that's always a best-seller. Then, we add aromatic seasoning powder to create a truly unique flavor that you won't find anywhere else.
Whether you want to enjoy it as part of your meal or just as a snack, original Samyang ramen will surely satisfy all your cravings! So why wait? Taste this cult classic today and savor all its wonderful flavors. Treat yourself to something special - Samyang's original ramen!
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