Instant Korean-Style Gomtang Noodles

Instant Korean-Style Gomtang Noodles KOREAN GOMTANG SAMYANG 110 g

Samyang's Korean Gomtang Ramen is a quick-cooking soup mix made from local ingredients using a family recipe! The combination of fresh organic products, a blend of spices, and the rich taste of beef provides each spoonful with a classic family-style Korean ramen flavor!

Noodles are one of the oldest Asian dishes, dating back 4000 years in China! However, it wasn't until the 19th century that they became known worldwide. The increasing demand for delicious ramen led to the creation of instant noodles, first produced in the 1950s.
Samyang is one of the most well-known and reputable Korean brands in the food industry, specializing in making ramen noodles with the most authentic taste for over 60 years. Thanks to fresh beef and milk sourced from a large farm in Gyeonggi-do, the company delivers ramen noodles made from high-quality ingredients to ensure a unique meal with traditional Korean flavors.

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