Instant spicy chicken-flavored ramen

Instant spicy chicken-flavored ramen with chicken BULDAK HOT Chicken flavor ramen SAMYANG 140g

Spicy chicken ramen, known as Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen, widely recognized as "fire noodles," will undoubtedly make you crave even more heat! It's renowned as one of the spiciest ramen noodles available in the Korean market. The noodles are made with dried sesame seeds and sesame seed seasoning. This tasty spicy ramen includes sesame seeds and seaweed flakes grilled to perfection (certified KMF Halal).
This convenient 140g ramen packaging is easy to prepare. Enjoy it on the go as a quick snack.
Cooking instructions:
  1. Open the lid to the indicated line and empty all the packets.
  2. Fill with water up to the inner line, close the lid, and leave for 4 minutes.
  3. Drain all the water from the cup. Add the liquid sauce and mix well.
  4. Add the dried sesame seeds and serve.

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