Instant noodles with mushrooms

Instant noodles with mushrooms Shin Cup Noodle Soup NONGSHIM 68 g

The product that has become the face of Korean ramen is gaining increasing popularity worldwide! After all, who wouldn't love the hearty spiciness of Shin Cup noodle soup? If you enjoy a bit of heat, there's nothing better than Shin Cup noodle soup!
The tender noodles combined with spicy beef broth create the perfect recipe for any palate. When it was first introduced by Nongshim, Shin Cup noodle soup became an instant hit, especially among those who appreciate bold flavors. At first, you might be surprised by the level of spiciness... but the sophisticated blend of flavors will soon have you craving more. It features a wonderful spicy taste infused with beef, mushrooms, and carrots. It was inspired by the world's finest hot peppers and has now become a signature Korean flavor that is quickly gaining recognition worldwide.

And in the convenient cup format, it's a real find! Enjoy your favorite Shin Cup noodle soup anytime, anywhere!

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