Instant sweet and spicy noodles

Instant sweet and spicy noodles - Hezhong 115g.

Hezhong's instant sweet and spicy noodles are a tasty Chinese dish with traditional spices. They are highly popular in Asian countries, especially among office workers, due to their affordability, ease of preparation (by steeping in hot water), excellent taste, moderate price, and suitability for travel. These noodles quickly satisfy hunger and guarantee high productivity throughout the day.

Rice vermicelli is already a familiar dish on our tables. It's a dietary option, quick to prepare, and pairs wonderfully with seafood, meat, vegetables, and various sauces.
Hezhong's instant sweet and spicy rice vermicelli is a hot Chinese soup ready in minutes. A generous portion of aromatic broth with vermicelli and vegetables will quickly satiate and energize you for the entire day.

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