Instant Beef Flavor Noodles (Non-Spicy)

Instant Beef Flavor Noodles (Non-Spicy) "Golden Wheat" 110 g

Instant noodles are a very popular way to have a quick snack in Asian countries. The street food format is much more widespread there than in Europe. Chinese instant vermicelli from JML with the flavor of beef is a quick and easy way to get a hot Eastern-style lunch. The convenient packaging allows you to take the vermicelli with you to work, on business trips, or while traveling.

Enjoy the otherworldly taste of beef with JML! Its seductively refined flavor will leave you craving for more - this meaty delight will soon become your favorite. Each bite is filled with appetizing juiciness that hits all the right notes. They are ready and waiting just for you - experience the explosion of wonderful flavor, warmth, and tenderness with every bite!

JML's instant beef flavor noodles allow you to prepare a delicious dish in just 3 minutes. The soup base imparts the savory taste of beef. You can add some toppings, such as ham, pickled vegetables, or sausage, to create a tasty meal.
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