Instant noodles - Hot & Spicy

Instant noodles - Hot & Spicy Jumbo MAMA 90 g

If you don't want to put off your craving for Asian cuisine when you don't have the necessary ingredients to prepare authentic dishes, the solution is as perfect as it is obvious with the "Hot & Spicy" instant noodle soup from MAMA. Convenient 90g portions contain various flavors of Asian cuisine and authentic ingredients, so in just a few minutes of preparation, you'll have a real Asian dish in front of you. In Asia, noodle soup is a widely enjoyed dish, not only as an appetizer but also as a main course.

Hearty noodle soup pairs well with various ingredients such as meat, fish, or seafood, as well as vegetables. Various spices, herbs, and flavorings that come together in one bowl are also characteristic. MAMA's Hot & Spicy soup features the taste of beef, spices, and chili pepper. If the spiciness from the spice mix is not enough, you can add an additional packet of chili powder. Simply pour hot water over the spicy noodles, add the spice mix, and in 3-4 minutes, enjoy the wonderful taste of the soup. The jumbo-sized package is recommended for 2 people or for those with a big appetite.

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