Quick-Cooking Ramen Noodles with Mushrooms

Quick-Cooking Ramen Noodles with Mushrooms Shin Ramyun NONGSHIM 120 г

Exquisite Korean quick-cooking soup with chewy Ramen wheat noodles, select dried vegetables: green onions, carrots, mushrooms, chili peppers, and traditional Korean spices. The soup is spicy, aromatic, and very delicious. Made by the South Korean company Nongshim, which ensures a high-quality product with fillers from natural vegetables and spices. Hearty broth with an original taste and fragrant Ramen noodles with a chewy texture - it's the best way to have a satisfying lunch during the workday and while traveling. It quickly satisfies and guarantees high productivity throughout the day.
With Shin Ramyun, you can enjoy a hot dish with aromatic spices, fresh vegetables, and excellent noodles in just 4 minutes. The wonderful spicy flavor of the mushroom dish was inspired by the world's best peppers and became a typical Korean taste that soon became famous worldwide. Shin Ramyun from Nongshim is a quick and easy way to snack on something tasty and satisfying; it is number one not only in Korea but also worldwide!

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