Sour Lil' Worms 99g by WarHeads

Sour Lil' Worms 99g by WarHeads

WarHeads Sour Lil' Worms are candies under the WarHeads brand, known for their intense sour taste. These sour gummy worms offer a combination of chewy texture and extremely sour flavor, providing a unique and intense taste experience.

Sour Lil' Worms are shaped like little worms, typically in bright colors. They are coated with a sour sugar glaze that gives them their signature tangy flavor. When you bite into them, you'll experience a burst of sourness followed by the sweetness of the gummy candy.
WarHeads Sour Lil' Worms are popular among those who enjoy sour candies and are looking for exceptionally tangy treats. They are available in various packaging sizes, from small bags to large containers, making them suitable for individual snacking or sharing with friends.

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