Bean Boozled Spinner Wheel

Bean Boozled Spinner Wheel 100g

The Bean Boozled Spinner Wheel is a component of the Bean Boozled game created by Jelly Belly. Bean Boozled is a popular and somewhat infamous game that involves eating jelly beans with unpredictable flavors.

The wheel is a key part of the game, typically included in the Bean Boozled packaging, and is used to determine which flavor of jelly bean a player must eat. The wheel is divided into sections, each representing a different flavor. Some sections contain ordinary and tasty flavors, while others have "wild" flavors that mimic unpleasant or whimsical tastes.

The twist is that the beans in the Bean Boozled game are intentionally designed to look identical, making it challenging to distinguish between good and bad flavors. For example, a brown jelly bean might be either chocolate pudding or canned dog food, and a white one could be coconut or spoiled milk. Players take turns spinning the wheel and then have to eat the corresponding jelly bean, not knowing whether they'll get a delicious treat or an unappealing flavor.

The Bean Boozled Spinner Wheel adds an element of surprise and excitement to the game because players never know which flavor they'll have to face. It has become a popular party game and a fun challenge for friends and family.

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