Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper
Chili pepper is a spicy vegetable known for its pungent flavor and widespread use in many cuisines around the world. This pepper comes in various varieties and levels of spiciness, and it can be used as an ingredient or a flavor enhancer in numerous dishes.
Chili peppers have a high content of capsaicin, a substance responsible for their spiciness. They also contain vitamin C, vitamins from the B group, carotenoids, and other beneficial compounds. The consumption of chili peppers may contribute to boosting metabolism, improving blood circulation, and overall health.

In culinary applications, chili peppers are used to prepare spicy dishes, sauces, marinades, and fried delicacies. They can be added to meat, fish, vegetable dishes, and even desserts to impart spiciness and heat to the food.

Density: Soft

Taste notes: Hot

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