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Conditions for returns

  1. If on the day of receiving your package at the post office or via courier, you have doubts about the quality of the products, do not rush to feel upset and throw them away. Send us a photo of the spoiled product through any messenger on the day of receiving the package, and we will replace it with a fresh supply (within a week). Plus, we will cover the delivery costs.
Important: Claims regarding product quality must be made within 24 hours after the delivery of the order. Claims about product quality will not be accepted if you collect the fruits from the Nova Poshta branch on a day other than the arrival date of the package.
2.Within 1-2 business days, we will carefully review each request and replace the product if the issue was our responsibility.


What if my fruit doesn't look as good as in the picture?
In nature, it is rare to find a fruit that looks exactly like the picture (only top models make it to the pictures), and that's perfectly fine! Each fruit is a unique creation of nature, and usually, the less attractive it is on the outside, the sweeter and juicier it is on the inside. See it for yourself!

P.S. They may vary in color, shape, and may have spots or wrinkles on the skin, and that's normal.

I got a hard fruit, what should I do?

It happens very rarely, but it does happen.
Don't rush to cut it. First, send a photo of it to the manager in the messenger. They will advise you.
Or wrap it in a paper bag and leave it in a warm place for a few days. To accelerate ripening, you can put a banana or an apple in the same bag.

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